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Russian - Italian International Science & Technical Committee (ISTC)

RAS (Russian Accademy of Science):

  • Academician A.A. Boyarchuk: RAS Co-Charman of ISTC from the Russian side
  • Prof. A.M. Galper: Moscow State Engineering and Physics Institute
  • Prof. A.V. Chechin: TsSKB-Progress
  • TBD-Roscosmos
  • Dr. A.V. Alferov: RAS

INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics):

  • Prof. Piergiorgio Picozza: INFN and University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy Co-Chairman of ISTC from Italian side
  • Prof. Per Carlson: Royal Institute of Technology, Stockolm, Sweden
  • Prof. Guido Castellini: IROE-CNR, Florence, Italy
  • Prof. Manfred Simon: University of Siegen, Germany
  • Prof. Piero Spillantini: INFN and University of Florence, Italy

International Program Committee:

Per Carlson (Sweden), Arkady Galper (Russia), Piergiorgio Picozza (Chairman) (Italy), Manfred Simon (Germany)

Executive Committee:
Piergiorgio Picozza, Arkady M. Galper, Mirko Boezio (Trieste, Italy), Edward Bogomolov (S. Peterburg, Russia), Francesco Cafagna (Bari, Italy), Guido Castellini, Giuseppe Osteria (Naples, Italy),
Paolo Papini (Florence, Italy), Mark Pearce (Stockolm, Sweden), Marco Ricci (Frascati, Italy), Roberta Sparvoli (Rome, Italy), Yuri Stozhkov (Moscow, Russia), Yuri Yurkin (Moscow, Russia)

Scientific Committee:
Piergiorgio Picozza, Arkady Galper, Oscar Adriani, Giancarlo Barbarino (Italy), Mirko Boezio, Eduard Bogomolov (Russia), Francesco Cafagna, Per Carlson (Sweden), Marco Casolino (Rome, Italy), Guido Castellini, Giuseppe Osteria, Paolo Papini (Florence, Italy), Marco Ricci (Italy), Mark Pearce, Manfred Simon (Germany), Roberta Sparvoli, Piero Spillantini (Italy), Alfred Stephens (India), Yuri Stozhkov (Russia), Robert Streitmatter (USA), Andrea Vacchi (Italy), Sergey Voronov (Russia)

Analysis Coordinator: Mirko Boezio




Edited by Laura Marcelli