Technical performance

The main technical characteristics of Pamela instrument are:

  • Geometric factor of 21.5 cm2sr for high energy particles
  • Angular aperture of 19°x16°
  • Total mass of 470 Kg
  • Power consumption of 360 W
  • Pamela overall dimensions: Height 123 cm, base lateral sides 89 cm and 91 cm
  • Coordinate measurement accuracy of 4 mm on the bending projection of magnetic spectrometer and 15 mm on the unbending one.
  • Maximum Detected Momentum (MDR) of single charged particle of 1 TV
  • Dead time of 1.1 ms for individual particle
  • Accuracy on time of flight measurement better than 100 ps for nuclei
  • Coincidences resolution time of 10 ns
  • Energy resolution for high energy electrons better than 10%
  • Momentum resolution for 10 GeV protons better than 10%
  • Discrimination power between electromagnetic and hadronic components better than 2x105
  • Pamela in inserted in a pressurized container