Mass & Thermal Model

MDTM Samara July 2002 A mock-up of the PAMELA instrument, the Mass-Dimensional and Thermal Model (MDTM), was manufactured and mechanical and thermal space qualification tests were performed in the years 2002-2003. The MDTM reproduce the geometrical characteristic of PAMELA (e.g. dimensions, total mass, center of gravity, inertial moments), the thermal cooling system and the basic thermal behaviour. All particle detectors in the MDTM were simulated by dummy aluminium boxes. The electronic system were non-functional and only reproduced the power consumption of each subsystem.
MDTM was subjected to the required vibration loads along the three orthogonal axes, shock tests and resonances researches. These tests were performed at IABG Laboratories (Munich, Germany) and at TsSKB-Progress plant (Samara, Russia). MDTM at TsSKB-Progress plant - march 2003
MDTM - Upgrade in Pressurized Container Thermal and vacuum tests were performed in the laboratories of TsSKB-Progress. The test showed that during the Resurs DK1 orbit the expected operating temperature range of Pamela will vary between 7°C for the coldest systems and 38°C for the warmest one.